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Mystery in another name for secrets, suspense and thrill. Movies in this generic are based on stories with lots of plots and twists. There are always unexpected turns in the mystery Movies which stung the viewer. This generic successFully engage the thrill, drama, suspense, fantasy and all other movie generics. There is always themes and characters based on fantasy, super natural phenomenon and unexpected plots in the mystery Movies. Viewers of mystery Movies are all those who need thrill side by side of investigation of events. Flenix.net is the only portal where you can watch mystery Movies online for Free. Other websites charge subscription fees for mystery Movies online but we don’t charge even a penny.


There are not always dark and thrilling themes in the mystery Movies, these type of Movies also incorporates basic element of surprise. A most favorite combination of mystery Movies is with the horror element. There are countless mystery Movies which are horror in nature too. Greatest super stars of movie industry have performed several roles in such Movies. All of these old and new Movies are Free to watch in Full HD at Flenix.net. If your interest is in the thrill and mystery you must watch mystery Movies online for Free at our website.


There are several Movies which have the status of classic in the mystery nature but we suggest you to start from the latest and most amazing mystery Movies online. Check out the list of mystery Movies online in Full HD:

  • Inception
  • Arrival
  • The Prestige
  • Nerve
  • The Divergent Series: Allegiant
  • The Maze Runner
  • Shutter Island
Movies like Shutter Island and the mortal instruments: city of bones are great Movies to watch under the combination of mystery, thrill, action and drama. There are several other Movies you must watch, check out the related suggested mystery Movies online for Free. 

There is no second opinion about the amazingly engaging nature of mystery Movies, which suggests you to watch them right now. But in case you don’t have time to watch the most favorite mystery Movies online you can always use the option of saving them to watch later. We continuously update our portal to offer you latest mystery Movies online for Free every time you need.