Ted Lasso Season 1 poster
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Ted Lasso Season 1

The main character Ted works as a coach in a small team. It develops young and talented football players who are making their first successes in a native American sport. A man does not strive for some outstanding heights-he is satisfied with working as a coach of a modest team, which from time to time gives out amazing matches. However, soon an offer will come to him, which it will be impossible to refuse. A man receives an invitation to the Foggy Albion, where he will take on the English Football League team. But the letter is about real European football, and not the American version of it. In the game of the Old World, the main character does not understand anything at all. Despite this, Ted still decides to take up work. He will cope with the physics of the players, he will be able to organize training, but already tactical schemes and numerous tricks are another conversation. The main character has a lot to learn and achieve recognition from the players, who, as is often the case in English football, are strong and harsh men who strive to play active and tough football. What will happen next in the story of the adventurer Ted? Ted Lasso Season 1 was released in 2020, actors such as Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, Stephen Manas and others starred in it.

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