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Beach Rats

The verge of fate can instantly change its course and it is important to keep in your own confidence in the chosen way of life. And the fate of the Brooklyn teenager, forced him to watch their attitudes and leave all the past achievements. Now Frankie begins an incredible trip where it is important to stop and explain just what had happened.
An incredible story that reveals all the difficulties and obstacles, giving reason to find great aspirations and find yourself in a large stream of events. After all, the fate of the Brooklyn teenager, immerse it in frustration. Then make Frankie, escape from their sick father and given to sex for money. His choice will be in the direction of communication with older men, but will the other side of the coin, when he felt some feelings. This is the only straw from the darkness in which turned out to be the guy giving the reason and hope for a bright future. While it is important not to give up and don't back down halfway, feeling of malaise or serious losses in the enclosure and that the time which it can fully absorb. The main thing is to believe in its true sense and return the lost happiness. Beach Rats was released in 2017, actors such as Harris Dickinson, Madeline Weinstein, Kate Hodge, Neal Huff, Nicole Flyus and others starred in it.

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