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London Has Fallen

Western Intelligence services are trying to search for the terrorist leader and arms dealer from Pakistan named Aamir Barkawi. He is supposed to be the mastermind for several terrorist attacks recently happened all around the world. When US military identify his place of residence, they attack that place with a drone. Barkawi and his entire family gets killed in this drone attack.

The story then leaps two years after this incident. At this time, in London Britain has announced the death of British Prime Minister James Wilson. Leaders of the different countries plan to attend the funeral service in London. These world leaders include US President Benjamin Asher too. During his visit to London Mike Banning is assigned the duty to take care of President and his programs in the city. Banning’s wife is pregnant and about to deliver a child in just few weeks. When Air Force One lands on Stansted Airport, Banning delay President’s public arrival and directs Marine One to divert the plan. President is now set to visit Somerset House first and then travel to St Paul’s Cathedral by a car. Barkawi’s son Kamran is all set to take revenge of his family’s death. He attacks the other leaders of the countries like Japan, Germany, Canada, France and Italy. He is already set up his loyal terrorists’ gang members inside the police and queen’s guardman department. These terrorists attacks landmarks in the city and damage them too.  London Has Fallen was released in 2016, actors such as Alon Aboutboul, Waleed Zuaiter, Adel Bencherif, Mehdi Dehbi, Shivani Ghai and others starred in it.

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