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Land of the Dead

In the Horror film "Land of the Dead" mankind suffered a terrible fate. For many years the remains of survivors try to survive in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which reliably strengthened from the scary zombie. The city remained the only safe spot. It surrounds the mysterious wall of fences under high voltage, as well as with barricades and permanent military patrol, and beyond the whole world covered the bloodthirsty monsters. However, even in a city very clearly expressed class inequality, many people live in poverty and only a small percentage of the population enjoys life in a luxury apartment skyscraper "Fiddlers Green".

The poor often have to go outside the city to find their own food and goods necessary for life. Their travels they do in an armored car, running various types of weapons. One of the members of the permanent attacks of the city is the developer of the reserved car Riley Djenbo, terribly tired of injustice that prevails in the city. He had long planned to leave Pittsburgh and go aimlessly despite danger outside the city walls. If the guy survive on Earth dead? Land of the Dead was released in 2005, actors such as Simon Baker, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, Asia Argento, Robert Joy and others starred in it.

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