Resident Evil: The Final Chapter poster
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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

After Wesker had betrayed Alice in Washington, Apocalypse came even closer. Now she must return to Racoon-city, where it had all started and where the "Umbrella" corporation was preparing for the final attack on survivors. Alice armed to the teeth and united with her friends and those, she had not expected to become allies. Now they must face with the army of zombies and new mutants, unseen before. The film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will gladden the fans of the franchise and get others attention. Being on the edge of losing her powers, Alice is preparing for the inevitable attack of the corporation. However, in this battle she must face new, more difficult problems. Will she be able to defeat the enemy and save humankind? Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was released in 2016, actors such as Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Eoin Macken and others starred in it.

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